Travel Tokens

Shane and I have picked up a few things that we adore from our travels. I thought I would share some of them with you. There are a few other things hidden away in the spare bedroom that I just haven’t found a home for yet.

From the Czech Republic we picked up these nesting dolls. There were selling them all over Prague.


These Cuban cigar tins cam from South Africa. We had fun buying them since you can’t get them here.


Posters like this one were all over the town we stayed in in Germany. I decided I needed to swipe one for home.


The inaccurately Mauritius shaped ashtray came from Mauritius. It’s a pretty fitting reminder of how strange that place kind of was!


I adore my dodo birds from Mauritius.


This poster is from South Africa. We have another one that is of Cape Town, but I haven’t found a home for it just yet.


This paper bowl is made by woman in South Africa.


This is a traditional basket from South Africa.


Beer mugs from Austria and Germany.


I love all these things, but how sad is it that we didn’t pick up anything from Switzerland? It’s probably my favorite place we’ve visited to date, too! I guess we will have to go back in order to pick something up!


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