Polka Dot Pillow

Maybe you’ve noticed the little “Current Obsessions” in far right column of the page…Maybe you haven’t, but if you did, you saw this guy!

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 1.10.40 PM

It’s a fantastic Ikea hack by Catlin Wilson. Check her out a www.caitlinwilson.com/blog. All she did was take a permanent marker to the fabric. While I didn’t have any use for chairs like this, I fell in love with the pattern. I’ve started seeing similar patters all over the place. I love this pillow…

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 1.06.18 PM

So I made it, of course! The good news is it didn’t cost me a thing since I already had plain cream colored pillows. I opted to use a fabric marker instead.

Step 1. enlist the help of a friend…


Ok not really, but she wouldn’t get out of the picture. I swear she likes to have her picture taken. Isn’t she pretty?


This was a super easy project and takes, literally, no talent… Just color blobs.


After the first picture, I decided I wanted it to have a few more dots. No problem…I just added more.


There you have it. My own dot pillow.  Sometimes it’s so fun to have just a quick little project! I made two and they are going in the bedroom. We have made a few changes in there that I will be showing you sometime soon. Happy Monday, everyone!


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