Kitchen- Check!

Shane and I can officially check “Kitchen Renovation” off our (incredibly long) list. The kitchen is done!



Since you last saw the kitchen we’ve put in a few finishing touches. We tiled a backsplash, and we love it!




We chose a beveled edge subway tile. It’s a bit of a fancier twist on a typical subway tile. It really gave the kitchen a polished look, and it helps that Shane is really great at tiling! Nothing ruins beautiful tile quite like a bad tile job.

Aside from the tile we added two shelves under the cabinets on the sink wall.






I adore these shelves because I can fill them with things that are too pretty to be behind cabinet doors, and things that we use regularly.

It feels great to get out beer mugs from Austria and Germany. The little tea pot came from my grandma. I like getting to see it everyday, too!

The neat thing about these shelves is, they are made from an old 2×4 that came from our closet renovation in the bedroom. They are original to the house and I love the fact that we have up-cycled them into these shelves. Shane milled the boards to make them clean and square again, and then he finished them with linseed oil. The brackets are from ikea.


The copper bowl on the fridge is a Goodwill purchase from a few years ago that I use for potato storage.



One of my favorite parts of the renovation is the functionality of the area in the dining room.


Originally, this area had a bar height bar that Shane and I never used. We took it down to countertop height, filled it with cabinets, and designated the lower cabinets as an office. We really don’t have room in our house for an office so this area has been so nice! one cabinet is used for filing and the other holds our printer and other office supplies. Shane and I sit here often. In fact, I’m sitting here now. I could probably count on one hand the number of times we sat here in the previous 5 years. When designing, my number one goal is always to make sure a space is not only beautiful but functional. Every square inch of your house should serve a purpose.


This area also holds our little home bar.


There you have it, our new kitchen! Let me share with you some of the before pictures.




We’ve come a long way and have added 9 additional cabinets for much needed storage.

Here are some of the progress pictures…


Refinishing the floors.


Installing the base cabinets.


The scariest part of our whole kitchen renovation was when the run of upper cabinets in the dining room were too big to fit. We realized that we only needed about a half inch to fit them in. So Shane stuck them on the table saw and cut the lip off of two of the cabinets. I seriously about had a heart attack. These are brand new $300 cabinets he was cutting. Luckily, he knows what he’s doing and it turned out perfect, but seriously…I almost died.



Well, that’s it! The kitchen is done! It feels so good to say that!













Kitchen Renovation included:

-Removal of all existing cabinets, countertop, and appliances

-Removal of 3 layers of flooring

-Refinished original wood floors

-Installed new cabinets, including an extra 9 cabinets

-All new appliances

-New solid surface countertops

-Tiled a backsplash

-Made and installed two open air shelves

-Repaired walls

-New trim in kitchen

-Repaired and restored trim in dining room

-Installed new ceilings in dining room and kitchen

-Fresh Paint

-Reconfigured lighting in kitchen, adding pendant lights and two can lights

-Made and installed light fixture in dining room


29 thoughts on “Kitchen- Check!

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  2. What a beautiful kitchen! I was wondering where the cabinets and counters were purchased? I hope I didn’t miss it some where else in the post!

    Thank you for taking the time to document the experience :)!

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you like our kitchen! The cabinets and countertop were both purchased at Lowe’s. We took our measurements into the store and set down with someone at the special order cabinets section. They were incredibly helpful! These cabinets were basically the cheapest special order solid door cabinets they had. So far we love them! They aren’t wearing a bit! The countertop, also purchased at Lowe’s, if a solid surface countertop. Formica is the brand. It’s very affordable compared to real stone, and the great thing is, it’s actually more durable than stone. You never have to seal it and day old coffee stains wipe right up. We are also very satisfied with our countertops as well. While, we’d maybe not choose either of these things for our “forever home” (We’d probably go with higher end choices.) we couldn’t be happier with the how it’s turned out in our starter home!

    • The sink is from IKEA, but I don’t see it on their website anymore. :/ Oh no! They may still have it though? I don’t know. The faucet we picked up at Lowe’s, but I can’t find the link for it either. Fail! Hope you can find them, though!

  3. Lovely kitchen! I have that little tray that you use as your bar in our bathroom – love it! We are starting our kitchen reno, and I am loving the idea of adding a desk area to the end of the wall instead of more cabinets.

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