Dining Room Progress

The little eating nook, in our dining room, turned out better than I could have imagined. In fact, I dare to say that it’s my absolutely favorite place in our house.



We got new dining room chairs from Ikea. I spent days looking for possible options. You just couldn’t beat these chairs for the price. Though, we hope to one day replace the legs with something a little more fantastic.


The table is also something that will get replace someday soon, I hope. I have put in my order with Shane, and he is going to build us one eventually. (More on that later.)


There she is… Possibly my favorite thing I own. We spent countless hours searching for lights. We wanted something that would be a statement piece, but not cost a fortune.


I’m so in love with the results of our little light endeavor. Of course, It wouldn’t be the same without the extreme love we gave our ceilings. Read about the ceiling process HERE.


Ignore our still-missing piece of trim. The dining room and kitchen weren’t quite done when I took this picture, but it’s done now. I’ll be updating you on that very soon!


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