The Best Decision We Ever Made

Shane and I HATED the ceilings in our house with a passion for the last 5 years. We felt so stuck with them because re-drywalling ceilings is a messy, painful task. We just didn’t want to go through the trauma of all that work, but this just continued to stare down at us

We had that awful stomped stalactite ceiling all over the house. Some rooms were much worse than even this picture. There were places all over the living room where previous owners had patched and re-patched in places. It was horrible to say the least.

I quietly stewed over a fix for years. Eventually, I thought we could cover them with bead-board and trim to give it a lightly coffered look. It took Shane a bit to warm up to the idea. I’m not sure he had the same vision in his mind as I did. Eventually, we jumped in. We started in our bedroom and really loved the outcome.

This project was super simple. All it takes is nailing sheets of cheap bead-board to the ceiling. The 4×8 sheets are just under $20 a piece. Once those are up it just needs to be trimmed out.

Some paint and several tubes of caulk later, and you have a beautiful coffered-look ceiling! Goodbye horrible stomped ceilings!

I can’t tell you what a difference this made with minimal effort. Caulking and painting were by far the hardest part. Now we have the same ceilings in our living room, dining room, and kitchen. We just have the bathroom, hallway, and spare bedroom to go.

The ceiling project was, truthfully, the best thing we could have ever done for our house, and the best decisions we’ve ever made!

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