Plant and Flower Trickery

Since Shane and I travel so much, I’ve slowly been trying to switch out my live plants for fake plants. I hate doing it. I would so much rather have the real deal, but it’s just too much to get someone to water them when we are gone for months at a time. This past week I did a bit of plant trickery, and I decided why not do some flowers, too?

I had this vase already and decided to add some marbles, acrylic water and a little clipping off of a fake stem I already had.



I’ll be honest with you. These are not the cheapest projects. The acrylic water is expensive. In this vase I probably have $25 into it. The acrylic water is about $7 at Walmart and this vase took two kits.



This vase I picked up at Hobby Lobby, along with the calla lilies. These flowers are cheaper than some of the others and still look really good! This vase took two kits of water. Although, I would have liked to have added a third but I’m cheap! I spent about $40 on this arrangement. I know that’s not cheap, but now I have the look of fresh flowers in my house all the time! To me it was worth it.


These roses are a bit more on the expensive side, but if you are going to get artificial flowers spring for the nicer ones! They look and feel so much more real. I can’t remember exactly how much they were, but I want to say they were close to $6 a stem. Again, not cheap but I love the way they look in my kitchen now.








This is where the yellow flowers live:


The smaller plant is for the coffee table once I get it back.


The roses hang out near the kitchen sink. Although, I predict they will all do a lot of moving around.


This photo by Karl Poynter.






Bedroom Closet Doors…FINALLY!

So who’s ready to see some pictures of my incredibly handsome husband?!? I am! I suppose I’ll show you some pictures of the amazing closet doors he built, too!

But first… The bedroom when we had to cover our custom built ins with terrible black curtains.



Boo! How terrible, right? Well, the curtains are a thing of the past!

Now to the handsome husband part… Shane built us some AMAZING closet doors. We worked on the design together, and then he worked his magic and built some seriously legit doors…




We knew we wanted to paint the doors white so we went with poplar that Shane planed and joined to get perfectly straight boards. This guy seriously knows WAY more about wood working than your average almost 27 year old, or most people in general. Everything that went into these closet doors is really beyond what I even know how to explain. So, I guess we will mostly just focus on the fact that he’s cute! It that ok? I hope so.


Eventually he ended up with a stack of boards for the frame, and this stack of boards for the face of the door.


You can see the holes for dominos. That’s what holds the boards together. After about a million more steps that I really know nothing about, he installed our perfect closet doors! We kind of contemplated finishing the wood instead of painting them once they were up, but ultimately, we decided the color was off a bit for our room. We all know I’m obsessed with white anyway…

Don’t mind the missing piece of baseboard. Things were still coming together at this point. I was just ecstatic that the curtains were gone!




I love the subtle detail of the planks.


Shane and I discussed having brass hardware on the doors, but Shane totally blew me away with the brass hardware he made! He did such a good job designing it. The overhang detail is amazing! it wasn’t exactly what I thought we would do, but I love this even more than what I had in mind.







This picture by Karl Poynter.



The room is feeling so much more done now! I’m loving it. What do you guys think? Shane did a great job didn’t he?

I won’t lie… we still have two more closet doors to build for our main closet on the other side of the room.


Who knows when we will get to that. Someday… I’m just happy we got the two around the bed done. So, I’m still throwing a celebration over here!



A Few Stylizing Tweaks

I’ve been doing a bit of stylizing tweaks lately. I love nothing more than the look of a neat, clean, and magazine perfect house. I know it’s not always practical, but so far I find it pretty easy to keep my house looking stylized and pretty! A couple of areas I wasn’t quite happy with were the kitchen shelves and the bar in the dining room. I thought I would give stylizing them another shot. They were only minor tweaks but I like the look of it much better!

Here’s shelf 1 before”


It was a wee bit on the bare side and honestly, I just don’t use the coffee maker much. So I put it away in a cabinet. I am going to ask for this guy for Christmas, though!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 4.40.58 PM

So I’ll have to find a way to work it into the countertop space. Until then, shelf 1 looks like this:


 Shelf 2 in the kitchen looked like this before:


I always liked this shelf pretty well so not much has changed. I did add some wooden bowls my grandma gave me and some clear plates I have and switched out the plants.

Shelf 2 now looks like this:


One of the other places that got some styling tweaks is the bar.

Here’s the bar before:





We honestly rarely drink and we aren’t low on cabinet space so I opted to make our little home bar prettier.

Here’s the bar area now:


I added fur to the stools, because I’m seriously obsessed with fur. It adds a little cushion to your tooshie, too. A serving tray Shane made found a home back behind the bar, and I added flowers! (More on the flowers later.)





Don’t you love my pink rock I found at a garage sale? I do!

Well that’s all of my little stylizing tweaks for now. I did also tackle the book case in the living room, our dresser in the bedroom, and the new coffee table! (Before it was ripped away from me.) I’ll be sharing those things sometime, too!

The Time I Had a New Coffee Table for Four Hours

This past week has been a CRAZY total whirlwind of a week! I’m exhausted to say the least! Shane and I were running around like total maniacs trying to accomplish some major projects at our house. We had a big photo shoot this week! I hope to share the pictures and give you more details once I know a little more. It’s a big deal photo shoot for us, and it sent us into a total tailspin. We seriously accomplished so much this week! I spent a lot of time doing a bit of stylizing tweaks…all of which I plan to show you as soon as I catch my breath. Shane built and installed our closet doors. Whoop whoop! I ADORE them! On top of that major accomplishment, we collaborated on the most amazing coffee table ever! Shane is obviously the building genius behind the coffee table, and I helped with a vague design and did some metal grinding and sanding. It’s without a doubt my new favorite piece of furniture we own. It looks so amazing in our living room and really gives our living room a whole new feel.

But guess what…I only got to keep the coffee table for 4 hours. Major sad face! We had the coffee table in our house exactly long enough for our photo shoot, and then it got entered into an art show and contest, where it will stay until October. Bummer huh? At least I had time to snap a few photos to share with all of you.

Without further adieu, our new coffee table…


It started as just steel rods.



Shane welded together every piece of the steel base, and I used a dremel tool to grind all the welds smooth. The top is 2″ solid walnut. It’s a truly beautiful piece of wood!



I miss this table so much already! We snapped some photos outside before it was off to the art center in town.





I’ll be seeing this table again in October…Until then I’ll just be missing it.

Isn’t it crazy that this table was just ONE of the things we got done this past week!? More updates to come soon.

Happy Labor Day!




I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day! I’m enjoying it with a few projects around the house and some laundry. Exciting stuff, huh? What I wish I was doing was shopping! Labor Day seems like a good time to catch some sales! I won’t be going shopping, but that doesn’t mean I’m not doing a little online window shopping! Here’s a roundup of some great sales from a few of my favorite stores online!


I LOVE all the jewelry at Anthropologie. It’s too bad I would never pay full price for any of them. There are some seriously beautiful things in their sale section currently, however. Even better…all their sale items are an additional 20% off! I’m still not going to buy anything, but it’s fun too look and dream!



Love this necklace at only $14.95!





I’m a bracelet person. It’s the easiest way for me to accessorize. Necklaces and earrings don’t always feel quite right on me. I can always throw on a bracelet, though. I love this one!



This necklace is only $12.95 and it’s so sweet and adorable!



Another bracelet I just love.




I won’t lie…I seriously want this chair…I tried to convince Shane we needed it. He wasn’t convinced. I adore everything about it and have been on a bit of an orange kick lately. It’s down to only $149 plus another 20% off! So so so tempting!



I saw this pillow in the store last week, and it almost came home with me. I love the handmade look.



If you are looking for white bedding with just a little bit of detail I think this set is perfect in every way!



These sheets are also perfect! I’m a sucker for quality bedding. It makes climbing into bed sooooooo much better. I love the little arrow detailing.



This headboard is seriously gorgeous. It’s a solid wood headboard with a carved design. If I had more beds around here, I might have to have it.





Pillows are so expensive, but I LOVE this one at only $24 for the cover!



It’s always nice to bring in wood elements into a room. These vases are perfect.



If I buy anything it might have to be a few of these beautiful agate knobs. I have a project in mind that I would love to use it for! They would also look beyond gorgeous on our bedroom dresser.



They seem to only have the salad plates left in this pattern, but I think they would be amazing paired with plain white plates. For a $1.99 it’s way hard to pass up!



I have a thing for buffalos. I love this print from Urban Outfitters.



I feel like you can never have to many beautiful baskets! (Not the kind my mom used to collect….you can definitely have too many of those…) This seems to be a good deal for a basket this large.



I picture these chairs in a white out dining room. I love the legs.



I adore the color combo of this industrial pendant.




Again, If I had more beds I would most definitely need this headboard. So amazing!



Apparently I have a thing for diamond weave chairs. I love this one, too.



I think this shelf is great. I have it on order for Shane to make something similar, but for those of you that aren’t as lucky as me and don’t have a personal furniture builder, I think this one is great!




Seriously, for $99 this chair is amazing! I really love it.



They only have this headboard left in a twin, but can you imagine it on a room with two twin beds. Adore!

That’s my round up! There’s some great things out there on sale right now. Maybe there’s something perfect for you!

Don’t Hate Me. I Got Rid of the Bedroom Shelves.

This is one of those blogs I’m almost afraid to write….I’m a bit worried I might disappoint a few of you. So here it goes… I took down the shelves in the bedroom.


It’s strange, but these shelves might be second on the list of things I got the most compliments on. I think maybe it was just a good picture. In real life they weren’t feeling quite big enough for the wall, and they are cheap Target shelves. They looked and felt cheap once we upgraded some things in our bedroom.

I had already been trying to play with getting something bigger to set on the shelves. I was trying out these yellow vases I already had.


They certainly weren’t going to be the forever fix, but I just wanted to see how I felt about the shelves when they housed something a little bigger and more of a statement.



They just weren’t doing it for me anymore. I’m sure that disappoints many of you. It will probably disappoint you even more when I tell you, I gave the shelves away! I gave them to my little sister to help decorate her first post college apartment. I felt like it was a good cause.

Shane and I contemplated several things for this wall. What I would have really loved to have done is get a giant print of one of our travel photos, but we couldn’t agree on one. (I should have just not asked his opinion…) Then, we talked about getting a huge live edge slab of wood as a decor piece. We both loved that idea, but live edge slabs will usually set you back a couple hundred dollars at least. So, I opted for just trying out something free!


I painted on a couple of canvases we already had hanging out in the basement. I wanted something to kind of bring in some of the colors of the rug, something abstract, and something reminiscent of mountains. (Shane and I both LOVE mountains.)


Here you can kind of see it pulling some colors from the rug. In real life you can see more of this dark blue in the rug.




In real life you can also see more texture on the paintings, which just gives it something a little extra.


I actually really like the look of the room with the paintings. It’s crazy just how much fancier a room can feel by adding some paintings regardless of how simple they may be. We are planning to build some walnut frames for the canvases. I think the pop of dark wood will make it feel even more fancy! I’ll of course show you pictures of that once we get it done!

I’m sorry to all of those who loved the shelves, but sometimes you have to do what feels right to you!


Special announcement!!!!!

Production of the closet doors has begun!!!!!! Hallelujah!


Currently, this is what they look like. Shane has a long way to go, but I’m super excited! These are going to be some legit closet doors that he is putting a ton of work into!

Side note: This is his shop! He rents a space in a building in town and spends lots of time creating awesome things here.

Couch Pillow Help!

Ok, so I need some help. I’m on the hunt for new couch pillows!

I’m going to be stealing the bigger pillows for the nursery. They always felt to big for the couch anyway and took up too much room. I got great suggestions for the rug dilemma. So, I thought I would see what kind of ideas you all have for pillows! I’m just having trouble finding anything I’m in love with. A fresh set of eyes always helps! Here are some inspiration pictures of pillow combos I like. Finding similar stuff in the real world is the trick!

Of course, part of me wants to go all white and neutral, but the other part of me wants color.

Something like this is beautiful, but finding pillows so perfect in the real world is tough.

I’m pretty obsessed with this mixed look, but don’t want my couch to be overrun with pillows. I’m thinking 4 max. So, I don’t know if I could accomplish the same look with only 4.

I love the clean white mixed with the bohemian look of these!

This mix is nice. I like that there’s some white mixed in with color and pattern.

So what do you all think? What’s going to work best for our space! Help me find some pillows! Here’s the doozy… We have a big photo shoot coming up (more on that later…it’s exciting stuff!!!) in about a week. Eeekkk! So I’d really like to have them by then. That leaves me stuck with express shipping or picking them up at a store. I’m not opposed to sewing a few pillow covers. So if you find some amazing fabric to tell!! Help help help! What do you think?